led, springin▓g past the Maltese youth.“If I don’t tu●rn up within a week, give ’em to ●the beachc

halt me at

ombers.” The Worces●tershire was still at anchor.Two Arab ▓boatmen squatted under a torch on one c

the g●an

▓orner of the landing stage.Th▓e legal fare was six pence.I had● three.It cost me some prec▓ious mom

g plank.So

ents to beat down one of the wa●termen.He stepped into his felucca at last a●nd pushed off cautiously

me palpabl

towards the rows of l▓ighted portholes. As we neared the steame▓r, I made out a figure in uniform o

e excuse I

▓n the lowest step of the ship’s ladder.Th▓e game was lost! I might have talke▓d my way by a quarter

must o▓f
  • 经理叫我一起陪两个老外吃饭

    fer him for being rowed out to the steame▓r.If only I had something to ●be delivered on board, a basket of frui▓t, or—shades of Cairo!—of course—a le▓tter of introduction! 240Breat
  • 经理叫我一起陪两个老外吃饭

    hlessly, I ●dashed into the Home, snatched a▓ sheet of paper and an envelop▓e from the Maltese youth, and scribbled● an appeal for employment, in any cap▓acity.Having sealed the envelop
  • 经理叫我一起陪两个老外吃饭

    e● against the prying eyes of subord●inates, I addressed it in a flourishin▓g hand to the chief steward. But my knap●sack Certainly I could not carry that on boa●rd! I dumped the con
  • 经理叫我一起陪两个老外吃饭

    tents on the floor an▓d thrust the kodak and my papers into an insi●de pocket.There was nothing else▓—but hold! That bundle at the bottom The min▓ister’s frock coat, of broadcloth, wit
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